Videojet heat transfer printer 6210

Product features:
Print head, 32nm, 300dpi (12dots/mm), print range, 32nm * 30mm
Production line speed:
Intermittent 50mm/s-200mm/s, continuous 40mm/s-500mm/s
Power requirements:
Operating voltage, 90-240v AC, 50/60HZ
Ambient temperature:
Air pressure control, 4-6 bar, clean and dry air pressure. Ambient temperature, 5-40 ℃
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Detailed parameters

Videojet heat transfer printer 6210
Product parameters
Print head
Print range
print mode
Continuous and intermittent all-in-one machine
Printing speed
Intermittent 50mm/s-200mm/s
Continuous 40mm/s-500mm/s
Operation meeting
5.7 inch (240 * 320 pixels) color LCD touch screen
WYSIWYG Print Preview
Online diagnosis menu
Layer 3 password setting
Support multi language display
Chinese menu
Ribbon drive
Non clutch dual motor ribbon drive, including
Band break protection
Color band out detection
Color band consumption display
Ribbon saving mode
Printing function
Support windows true type font download
Fixed and variable text and digital information
User input text and digital information (including Chinese)
Real time date, time variable, serial number
Automatic calculation of shelf life
Pattern fixed barcode, variable production shift format
Band length
600m/roll, including various grades and colors
Band width
22mm and 33mm
Print content involves manager
Clarisoft Create Print Template
Download via usb interface or transmit via rs232 interface
Stored in the internal memory of the printer
Remote coding parameter configuration software
Clarity management software
External communication
Usb, rs232 data communication
External input
Print signal
Print constraints
Biphase synchronizer
External output
Fault, warning, busy
Pneumatic control
4-6 bar, clean, dry air pressure
working voltage
90-240v AC, 50/60HZ
ambient temperature
5-40 degrees