Imax laser code printer 110i

Product features:
10W laser, printing range (H × W): max. 51 mm × 80 mm
Production line speed:
Maximum speed of production line: 90m/min
Power requirements:
Power supply 100-240V, with automatic switch frequency selection
Ambient temperature:
Operating temperature range 5 to 45 ° C Humidity 5% to 90% non condensing
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Detailed parameters

Imax laser code printer 110i
Print range (height × width):
Max. 51 mm × 80 mm
Print lines
Unlimited printing range (depending on character size and printing area)
Characters per line
Unlimited in physical print area (depending on character size and print area)
Character format
Mixed dot matrix function, maximum dot matrix 255 x255 points
Character type
Letters, numbers, Chinese, graphics and symbols
Character size
Adjustable from 0.5mm to 51mm
Image Direction
0 º – 360 º adjustable
Lens direction
0 º – 90 º adjustable
Linear velocity
Up to 90m/min (depending on the number of characters, dot matrix and substrate)
user interface
Display type: 1/4VGA LCD
Resolution: 240 × 320 pixels
Input keyboard: touch standard Chinese and English keyboard
Character type: numeric keyboard, navigation key, graphic Chinese and English
Character subset
Control mode:
Run - Automatic status
Stop - Standby mode
Demo - Manual
Laser intensity
Touch function key control
Laser type
10 watts, air cooling
Electrode CO2
Laser generation
Protection class: IP20 SL110i, IP56 SL110si
Dust prevention: IP20 None, IP56 Yes
Waterproof: IP20 None, IP56 Yes
working temperature
41 °F – 105 °F (5 °C – 40 °C)
Networking interface
RS232, standard/Ethernet optional
100 – 120/200 – 240VAC/50 – 60Hz, 225W maximum