01 There are many famous brands of inkjet printer

There are many well-known brands of inkjet printer products at home and abroad:

American Videojet series inkjet, British Domino series inkjet, French Imaz series inkjet, Changsha Aijie series inkjet, Chongqing Videojet series inkjet.

It enjoys high reputation in Coca Cola, Yanjing Beer, Tsingtao Beer, Holiyou, Wangwang Group, Sanyuan, Quanjude, Tongyi, Procter&Gamble, Lucent, Motorola, Master Kang, Shide Profile, Conch Profile, Wahaha and other enterprises;

02 Professional technical team

Our company has a group of experienced and high-quality technical service personnel, who can customize a set of solutions according to customer needs on site, and can provide long-term technical support and reliable after-sales support for customers;