Videojet 7510 laser code printer

Product features:
Yb pulsed fiber laser, 50W power level
Production line speed:
Maximum production line speed 440 m/min (1440 ft/min)
Power requirements:
Ambient temperature:
5-45℃; Relative humidity: 0-90%, no condensation
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Detailed parameters

Videojet 7510 laser code printer
Maximum line speed
440 m/min (1440 ft/min)
Laser tube
Yb pulsed fiber laser coding machine
maximum power
Laser cooling
Air cooling
environmental protection
Coding unit: IP54
Power supply unit: IP21
Beam output
Controllable beam
Estimated service life of laser source (MTBF)
Up to 100000 hours (MTBF)
Laser wavelength options
1.06 microns – 1.07 microns
Focus options
100/163/254/420 mm (3.93/6.41/10/16.53 inches)
Maximum identification range
498.5 x 366.5 mm (19.62 x 14.43 inches)
I/O connection Internal terminal connection
Standard user interface
Smartgraph PC software
Optional user interface
CLARiTY laser printer controller