Market researcher

Main responsibilities:

1. Track and analyze the development trend of various industries, and carry out special research projects;

2. Complete investigation and research according to project requirements. Including: questionnaire design, data analysis, strategy formulation and research report writing;

3. Sort and analyze the survey data and improve the information content;

4. Work location: Beijing;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in media, marketing, sociology, psychology, statistics, etc;

2. Have strong interest in research work;

3. Understand the basic methods of market research, and experience in online questionnaire design is preferred;

4. Good writing and data analysis skills;

5. Practical, patient, able to work under pressure;

6. Must have a sense of responsibility, enterprising, tenacious, enterprising;

7. Be cheerful, optimistic and sincere;

8. English has certain listening, speaking and writing ability (basic materials are all in English);

9. Able to work under pressure;

10. No limit for men and women;

Post benefits:

1. Work 7.5 hours a day and less than 40 hours a week;

2. National statutory holidays;

3. Five insurances;

4. Double salary at the end of the year;

5. Salary increase at the end of the year;

6. Travel allowance;

7. The company provides lunch;

8. Corporate tourism;

9. The company is equipped with personal computers;

10. The bonus will be paid after the monthly target is completed;

11. Annual physical examination;

12. Technical training;