Domino continuous ink-jet technology A320i

Product features:
Medium price, complete functions, suitable for most enterprises
Production line speed:
The speed of two lines reaches 325 m/min
Power requirements:
Power supply 96-256V, 47-63Hz
Ambient temperature:
Temperature range 5-45 ° C, humidity 10-90%
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Detailed parameters

Domino continuous ink-jet technology A320i
Print parameters
The speed of two lines reaches 325 m/min
The speed of four lines reaches 105m/min
1-4 lines to meet customer needs
2D code, barcode printing, intelligent communication function
SureStart nozzle
Sealing nozzle solenoid valve
True automatic cleaning
Simple maintenance
Nozzle magnifier
The sprinkler structure, the combination of traditional modules and detachables, makes the perfect combination to reduce customer maintenance costs
Simple maintenance
Innovation, low cost
Optional user interface
Include shortcuts
Easy to operate editor, able to edit complex information without experience
Simple operation, switching between printing speed and printing format
Avoid losses caused by unauthorized user changes
No special training required -
One button on/off; Built in all print formats and speeds
Single motherboard electronic system
High and low voltage integrated power supply