Domino small print machine A200+

Product features:
Moderate price, complete functions, stable operation, suitable for most enterprises
Production line speed:
218 m/min
Power requirements:
Power supply 96-256V, 47-63Hz
Ambient temperature:
Temperature range 5-45 ° C, humidity 10-90%
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Detailed parameters

Domino small print machine A200+
control panel
Touch type film covering button, color touch screen (optional)
304 stainless steel IP53 protection grade
(BS EN 60529: 1992)
Character control
Printing delay
User clock format
Print Count
Print head size
Conduit length
3m 6m optional
Positive pressure air
temperature range
Under the operating condition of 5 ℃ - 45 ℃
10% - 90% (non condensing)
Circuit system
Single phase, 100-250V, 47-63Hz automatic identification
Product detector
Npn/pnp 12V 100mA photocell external detector, 6-hole IP68 protection level socket
Npn/pnp synchronizer, 12V is connected through 6-hole IP68 protection level plug
Alarm lamp
7-hole IP68 protection socket
a burglar alarm
9-hole IP68 protection socket
USB interface
IP68 protection level, RJ45 connector
User interface
25 hole IP68 protection socket
Data Output/Input Options
RS232, baud: 110-38.4K, software selectable
Alarm light, networking function, user management authority, user defined embedded programs are optional
A variety of electric eyes, machines and sprinkler brackets are optional