Domino small print machine A300+

Product features:
High price, complete functions, suitable for enterprises with high-speed requirements
Production line speed:
318 m/min
Power requirements:
Power supply 96-256V, 47-63Hz
Ambient temperature:
Temperature range 5-45 ° C, humidity 10-90%
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Detailed parameters

Domino small print machine A300+
control panel
Touch type film covering button, color touch screen (optional)
Character control
Serial number printing
Duplicate information
Flip, invert, bold characters
316 stainless steel IP55 protection grade
(BS EN 60529: 1992)
Equivalent to IP65 protection level
(BS 5490: 1977)
Print head size
Conduit length
3m 6m optional
Positive pressure air
temperature range
Under the operating condition of 5 ℃ - 45 ℃
10% - 90% (non condensing)
Circuit system
Single phase, 100-250V, 47-63Hz automatic identification
Product detector
Npn/pnp 12V 100mA photocell external detector, 6-hole IP68 protection level socket
Npn/pnp synchronizer, 12V is connected through 6-hole IP68 protection level plug
Alarm lamp
7-hole IP68 protection socket
a burglar alarm
9-hole IP68 protection socket
USB interface
IP68 protection level, RJ45 connector
User interface
25 hole IP68 protection socket
Data Output/Input Options
RS232, baud: 110-38.4K, software selectable
Alarm light, networking function, user management authority, user defined embedded programs are optional
A variety of electric eyes, machines and sprinkler brackets are optional