Imax small character inkjet 9028

Product features:
4 rows, 24   points, IP54
Production line speed:
The marking speed can reach up to 4.4 m/s
Power requirements:
Power supply 100 – 120 V or 200 – 240 V, automatic switching
Ambient temperature:
Humidity 10% to 90%, non condensing, 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
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Detailed parameters

Small character inkjet 9028
Ink jet characteristics
Single jet printing head
G print head (print resolution: 71 dpi)
Print up to 4 lines
Code speed
4.4 m/s maximum
Font height
5 pixels to 24 pixels
character height
1.8 to 8.7 mm
Multiple language characters available
Latin, Arabic, Old Slavic
Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, etc
Ethernet interface
Positive pressure protection of print head (compressed gas is required)
Autonomous pressurization device (no compressed gas required)
3m pipe cable
Information base (up to 100 messages)
International man-machine interface (31 languages available)
Wide WYSIWYG backlit blue display
Integrated help for navigation and diagnostics
Can create patterns directly on the human-computer interface
USB port
M6 'ink circuit
Ink jet speed control to ensure the quality of logo
Automatically select font according to marking speed and printhead/object target
Selectable ink types: fast drying ketone free and ketone containing ethanol based ink, steam sterilization
Color ink
2 sealed smart cartridges, each 0.8L
Accessories can be quickly connected/disconnected (sensor, synchronizer, alarm light)
RS-232 interface
Marking machine support
Vertical bracket (stainless steel or aluminum), desktop bracket or wall bracket
Stainless steel print head protective cover
Warning lamp (24V)
Ø 15.5 mm/0.61 inch. Minimum radius of curvature:
Static=100 mm/3.9 in; Dynamic=115 mm/4.5 in.