Videojet 7210 laser code printer

Product features:
Yb pulsed fiber laser, 10 watt power level
Production line speed:
Laser power 10W, wavelength 1.06-1.07um
Power requirements:
Ambient temperature:
5-45℃; Relative humidity: 0-90%, no condensation
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Detailed parameters

Videojet 7210 laser code printer
6mm scanning head SHF60A focal length
50 100 165 258
6mm scanning head SHF60A maximum height
19.5 70.2 115.4 180.5
6mm scanning head SHF60A maximum width
26 70.2 115.4 180.5
Print Format
Standard font
Independent font
Machine identifiable code: two-dimensional code, bar code
Graphics, patterns, logos, etc
Linear, circular, arc, reverse, rotation
Continuous numbers, batch information
Automatic date, layer and time coding; Real time clock
Online information printing
Laser source
Yb pulsed fiber laser
laser power
Laser beam control group
Digital high-speed scanning head
Angle of laser beam
90 degrees or 0 degrees
user interface
Handheld keyboard
Can be added to the computer
communication interface
Ethernet, TCP/IP and RS232 (optional)
Encoder and product detector trigger input
3 inputs/7 outputs for start/stop signals, machine/operator interlocks, alarm outputs; Support for additional I/O
Support customer specific solutions
user interface
Ethernet remote control, graphical interface provides flexible operation
Preparation of printing work and preparation of printing data input
system configuration
Site status and warning prompt, with key switch or emergency stop switch
Clear and readable graphic display, simple and convenient operating system
On an external computer, a graphical, easy to operate
It can edit and adjust all graphics, text, printing parameters, etc
Multi language optional

Applicable workpiece
All available
Applicable industries
Catering, clothing, chemicals, home textiles, gifts, handicrafts, daily chemicals, food, toys, hardware, machinery, tobacco and wine, medicine
Print Direction
Two way printing
Environmental Science
Temperature 5-40 ° C (40-105 ° F)
Humidity 10% - 90%, anhydrous condensation
Electrical Requirements
100 240V 250 VAC
Cooling system
IP54S air cooling
Power supply assembly 17kg