Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between traditional printer and imported inkjet printer

With the industrial revolution and the rapid development of the industrial revolution, the inkjet products are getting closer and closer to our lives, and their applications in our lives are becoming more and more extensive


Difference between code printer and inkjet printer

Difference points: 1. Basic principle difference: A. Basic principle of the inkjet printer: ①. A series of ink lines will be broken into different frequencies by the crystal oscillation signal added above the combustion chamber


Operation process of laser code printer

Operation process of the laser marking machine: the steps of starting the laser marking machine are as follows: 1. Check the power line of the marking machine to ensure that it is correctly and reliably connected


Is one item one code anti-counterfeiting reliable? What is the advantage of the manufacturer in making one thing one yard?

Is one item one code anti-counterfeiting reliable? One thing, one code is the necessity of the development of the times, which improves the safety of people's life and diet. For example, for alcohol products, a data association system is formed through the two-dimensional code on the bottle cap or the two-dimensional code on the label


One thing, one code function: one thing, one code anti-counterfeiting traceability to build the cornerstone of enterprise success

One thing, one code intelligent anti-counterfeiting is an indispensable way for brand anti-counterfeiting. With the improvement of living standards, the variety of FMCG products is gradually increasing, and consumers are gradually paying attention to branding when choosing products


Which brand and manufacturer is the best choice for medical inkjet printer

The key technology of inkjet printer in the medical industry The medical industry is now fully implementing GMP certification, and has strict specifications for the use of various machinery and equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. The application of inkjet technology in the medical industry is very common, and the packaging in the medical industry is also diversified, including carton, aluminum foil packaging, glass bottles, rubber, plastic film, etc


How to distinguish the quality of the inkjet printer and find a suitable brand for your own use

First of all, we will analyze the brand of inkjet printer from the perspective of application needs? If you want to buy a good inkjet printer, you must first know how to distinguish the good from the bad. Next, let's have a look!