What brand of laser printer is better?

Published on: February 21, 2022

What brand of laser printer is better? This problem has been a hot topic that we have been asked frequently recently. After the year, the demand of new production line customers for marking equipment has become extremely urgent. On the one hand, the domestic laser inkjet printer market has developed too fast, resulting in some bubbles, and users can hardly distinguish between good and bad. Today I will analyze with you what brand of laser inkjet printer is better in 2020? What are the relationships and differences between the brands of laser inkjet printer, and what should be paid attention to when selecting. After authoritative statistics on the market changes and brand development trends of laser inkjet printer in 2020, the total sales of all models of major domestic/imported laser inkjet printer brands will reach nearly 20000 in 2019, highlighting the market scale. The manufacturers of laser inkjet printer and the existing brands of laser inkjet printer will face differentiated development and changes, and the polarization will become more obvious. Faced with a rapidly increasing market share year on year and month on month, Shanghai Qianli has invested more costs in the R&D, sales, service and other aspects of the laser inkjet printer, and is committed to maintaining a healthy development in the industry through its own strengthening, so that the growth momentum can continue. With the change of the total market demand and supply, the balance is gradually broken. In 2020, many new brands will emerge in the laser inkjet printer market, forming a situation of a hundred schools of thought contending. Among the manufacturers of laser inkjet printer, the most famous ones are the listed companies that originally made inkjet dot matrix small character inkjet printer, such as Videojet and Domino. Then, companies engaged in laser processing, laser welding and laser cutting transformed into mainly laser code jet marking equipment, such as Han's, Huagong, etc. The development of automatic laser inkjet printer is not long ago. There are many semi production and semi trade companies that introduce technology from abroad, produce and assemble in China, and then sell it to end customers, and the sales volume is also very good. It has become a leader in China's new generation of laser equipment sales industry, such as Changsha Yima, Lingxin and dozens of other logo automation integration enterprises. Finally, in 2018, with the development of laser identification technology for more than 20 years, thousands of households finally entered the market. Of course, thousands of households here mainly refer to production and processing factories, forming a scene of contention among hundreds of schools of thought. What we have to mention here is the full-automatic floor type laser inkjet printer platform, which realizes dynamic marking on precision electronic components such as PCB and FPC circuit board through multi axis movement, accurate positioning and signal transmission, and realizes the quality traceability management of "one thing, one code". There are more rigid requirements for the automatic integration technology of laser inkjet printer suppliers. On the road of automatic identification traceability system integration, potential profits have been going for many years, and the development of software, hardware and comprehensive identification scheme has been very mature and reliable. Different brand positioning leads to different industry focus of equipment, and the pertinence becomes stronger. For the industry, it is more a benign promotion and competition situation; For customers, more choices, better services, more stable and reliable quality, and more open and transparent prices are more important. According to the analysis of the trend and the collected analysis report on the demand of customers in eight major industries for purchasing laser inkjet printers, in 2020, about 20% of customers will continue to use the inkjet printers, and at the same time, there will be demand and budget for purchasing, replacing and upgrading laser inkjet printers. The prospect is quite optimistic. Faced with the reform of the logo industry, new concepts such as two-dimensional code and one thing one code have poured into the market. In order to meet the development requirements of new marketing, keep up with the trend of the times and enhance the competitiveness of similar products in the market, laser logo has gradually changed from soft demand to hard demand. After careful interviews and return visits to old customers, the purchased brands are mainly productive enterprises with favorable prices, guaranteed quality, long history and rich experience and technology. What brand (brand) of laser inkjet printer will be better in 2020 when it comes to purchasing options? With the progress and development of laser identification equipment, it will become more detailed and targeted from the industry to the equipment. As a supplier of laser machines of different brands, it will highlight and amplify its own characteristics to achieve a breakthrough from point to surface. In the report on the development trend of 2019 laser inkjet printer brand, more diversification and specialization will be the main rhythm of equipment evolution and iterative upgrading in the next 1-3 years. With a deeper understanding of the industry, the research and development of the laser inkjet printer from the source will become more detailed and control details, including various supporting equipment, so that people who really use the equipment can feel professional, simple, reliable and assured. At the initial stage of purchase, the laser machine manufacturer needs to follow up in a timely manner, including sample collection, preliminary processing and classification of samples, application for proofing test, sample test feedback, model recommendation, and finally free trial run. Among them, customer communication is very important so that customers can understand the process and working principle when we deal with products. It is a responsible attitude towards customers. In the middle period of procurement, the customer plays a leading role, and often communicates about the function, configuration, price, parts list and other issues. The laser machine manufacturer should adopt and accept it in a timely manner, and negotiate the installation of new machines after reaching a consensus. Most manufacturers will make a more detailed classification of customers' products and environment in 2019, and add some creativity in machine design and later detail processing, so as to achieve a higher degree of cooperation and collaboration, improve the effectiveness rate and reduce the marking time. Of course, through the few words above, it is very difficult to let everyone know which is the best brand of laser inkjet printer. The big aspect will be extended from three aspects: "user experience", "quality service" and "price integrity". As Changsha Yima, which has many years of experience in the logo industry, adhering to the principle of customer first, we provide customers with a more transparent purchasing experience, including the cooperation processing of various parts of the equipment, laser tube (laser), polarizer system, support, electric eye, synchronizer and other details, so that customers can better understand the laser machine, and let customers buy at ease, Easy to use.

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