Comparison between laser inkjet printer and ink inkjet printer

Published on: February 22, 2022

Laser inkjet technology is a more advanced technology than ink inkjet technology. Laser inkjet printer The application in the Chinese market has just begun, but the development trend is rapid. The laser inkjet printer greatly improves the problems existing in the traditional printer, improves the reliability and flexibility of the equipment, and is suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials. Laser inkjet printer, namely laser marking machine, is a marking device that uses different lasers to hit the laser beam on the surface of various substances, and can make physical or chemical changes to the surface substances through light, so as to carve permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks and characters. Common laser marking machines include: fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine. Ink jet printer mainly includes: small character jet printer, UV jet printer, thermal foaming jet printer, etc. The main differences between laser and ink jet printer are as follows: 1. The biggest difference between laser and ink jet printer is that there are no consumables, while ink jet printer requires ink to print content. 2. The laser inkjet printer can perform shallow metal engraving, and it can use high-energy laser to make permanent marks on various metal and non-metallic surfaces. The marking effect is corrosion resistant and can prevent malicious tampering. 3. The definition of laser jet printer is much higher than that of small character jet printer, but lower than that of high resolution jet printer. 4. In terms of anti tampering, laser inkjet technology has obvious advantages, but in terms of inkjet printing speed, UV ink inkjet technology has faster advantages. 5. In terms of service life, if the printing head of the ink jet machine is not cleaned frequently, the service life of the machine is vulnerable, the failure rate is high, and the service life is short. If properly maintained, the laser inkjet printer can be used for a long time, with a long service life and a working time of tens of thousands of hours. 6. The ink inkjet printer adopts non-contact inkjet, which does not need to directly contact the surface of the object to be printed, and will not damage the surface or interior of the object to be printed. 7. In the application field, the laser inkjet printer is more widely used, but it is more suitable for some special luminous inks. 8. The laser inkjet can print a large amount of data in a very small range, and the laser can mark the product material itself with a very fine beam. The printing accuracy is very high, the control is accurate, and the printed content is clearly and perfectly interpreted. It has strong market competitiveness, and is environmentally safe, without any corrosion, and completely isolated from chemical pollution, It is also a kind of considerate protection for operators, ensuring the cleanness and tidiness of the production site, reducing later investment and noise pollution. From the above, we can see that laser inkjet printer has unique advantages in products requiring fine inkjet printing. In the future, ink inkjet printer may be gradually replaced by laser inkjet printer, but now ink inkjet printer cannot be completely replaced.

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