Videojet 3030 laser code printer

Product features:
CO2 laser tube, maximum power 10W, expected service life of laser source. 30000 hours
Production line speed:
60 m/min (197 ft/min)
Power requirements:
Ambient temperature:
5-45℃; Relative humidity: 0-90%, no condensation
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Detailed parameters

Videojet 3030 laser printer
Maximum printing speed
500 characters/second
Maximum line speed
60 m/min (197 ft/min)
Print Direction
Two way printing
Applicable workpiece
All available
Degree of automation
fully automatic
Applicable industries
Catering, clothing, chemicals, home textiles, gifts, handicrafts, daily chemicals, food, toys, hardware, machinery, tobacco and alcohol, pharmaceutical brands
Laser tube
maximum power
Laser cooling
environmental protection
Beam output
Controllable beam
Estimated service life of laser source
30000 hours
Laser wavelength options
10.6 microns
Focus options
100 mm (3.93 in) – 200 mm (7.87 in)
Maximum Identification Window
125.6 x 87.1 mm (4.94 x 3.43 inches)
I/O connection Insert connection
user interface
Touch panel
Use factory air source