Our company not only has a reasonable inventory of spare parts of imported inkjet printers such as Videojet, Domino, Imaz, Willi, but also has a group of high-quality professional technical service personnel who have served and managed in Videojet, Domino, Imaz, Willi and other companies.
We can not only provide customers with various inkjet solutions in an all-round way, but also provide long-term technical support and high-quality and fast after-sales service as always, providing reliable production guarantee for many well-known enterprises in China.

We can repair the following inkjet printing equipment

Videojet 37E Imaz S4 Domino A100 Willie 430
Videojet 37+ Imaz S7 Domino A200 Willie 460
Videojet 170i Imaz S8 Domino A300 Willie 620
Videojet execl Imam 9010 Domino A400 Willie 630
Videojet 43S Imaz 9020 Domino A120 Willie 3150
Videojet 46P Imaz 9030 Domino A220
Videojet 1000 Series Imaz 9040 Domino A320i
Videojet 3150 series Imam 9232 Domino A420i
Videojet 3150 series Imam 9410
Videojet Unicorn large type machine Imaz 9450