Domino laser F220i

Product features:
20W, adjustable pulse fiber laser (expected laser source life exceeds 100000 hours)
Production line speed:
Production line speed 600m/min
Power requirements:
Power requirements 88-132V/170-264V, 47-63Hz, 1050VA
Ambient temperature:
Operating temperature 5-40, operating humidity up to 90% RH, no condensation
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Detailed parameters

Domino laser F220i
Laser type
Adjustable pulsed fiber laser (expected laser source life exceeds 100000 hours)
Laser wavelength
Laser energy
Pulse peak power
More than 12 kW
Marking characteristics
Number of characters 2000
Production line speed
600m/min * (1970ft/min *)
Number of dimension lines
character height
0.3mm - maximum coding range
Font and identification type
24 fonts and multiple languages, including unified code, logo, barcode, QR code and graphics
Coding range
118x118mm, 229x229mm
Lens specification/spot size
160mm /~70µm, 300mm /~130µm
user interface
Operating system Windows CE
Coding software Dynamark III laser coding software
Scanning head
I-Tech scan head, which can be positioned in various directions, including axial direction
Laser head
Stainless steel and anodized aluminum
Laser head 6.7kg,
Laser head with barrier cover (W x D x H) 6.9kg,
Laser expansion box 21.0kg,
Controller 14.5kg,
2.7m optical fiber conductor, connecting expansion box and laser head
Product inspection input
NPN/PNP/24 V – Detector
Product speed monitoring
Synchronizer or synchronizing signal
Signal input/output
Laser ready signal, printing signal, smoke absorption purifier control signal, compressed air control
User interface
RS232, Ethernet (10/100 MBit), USB port
Power requirements
90-264V, 47-63Hz, 1120VA
Environmental requirements
Controller IP54 standard controller
Standard for IP54 protection level of laser expansion box
IP65 protection level of laser head (without cooling)
Operating temperature 5 ° C-40 ° C
Maximum operating humidity 90% RH, no condensation
Web browser based graphical user interface (color touchscreen TouchPanel optional) WYSIWYG, including English, German, French, Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovak Turkish, Arabic
Infrared beam positioning, user port input/output, smoke device absorption port, laser barrier cover, 0.5m connecting cable Optional: 4.5m and 9m, USB backup storage kit, bracket kit, daisy chain, RapidScan technology