Large character inkjet printer Crayon Plus

Product features:
Up to 44 mm
Production line speed:
Jet printing speed can reach 60m per minute
Power requirements:
Power supply 100-240V, with automatic switch frequency selection
Ambient temperature:
Operating ambient temperature range: 10 ˚ To 40 ˚ C
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Detailed parameters

Large character inkjet printer Crayon Plus
Jet printing parameters
Four colors of water-based ink - black, red, blue and green - suitable
For permeable surfaces
Two kinds of 7-nozzle nozzles: one can print 1 line of 12mm
High character, which can be sprayed with 20mm high characters
16 nozzle nozzle can print 1 to 2 lines of characters 20 mm to 44 mm high
Printing date, time, two best use periods
Shift, two automatic counters, which can identify more than 22000 characters
Information length up to 100 characters
Adjustable character width
The printing can be positioned or delayed according to the information position on the carton
It can be sprayed on the top and side of the carton
The distance between the nozzle and the printing object can be adjusted to 15mm
Jet printing in the positive or negative direction
It can be printed from left to right or from right to left
Jet printing speed can reach 60m per minute
Ink system:
– Preset
– No adjustment required
– 400 ml pressure oil cartridge with ink position prompt
Operation function
One button switch printing function selection
Operation interface: 128 × 64 pixel four line graphic display
It can store 50 pieces of information with a length of 100 characters
28 language interfaces are provided: German, English, Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Dutch, Italian
Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Czech and Turkish
9 different character settings: Arabic, Cyrillic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Greek
Hebrew, Japanese (Kanji), Japanese (Katakana) and Latin
When one kind of text is displayed, the text and character combination information of other countries can be selected for inkjet printing
Built in photoelectric sensor
Transportation weight: 4kg
Operating ambient temperature range: 10 ˚ To 40 ˚ C
Voltage: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz