Videojet Unicorn large character inkjet

Product features:
The standard word height is 10mm, and the optional word height is 7mm; 15mm; 20mm
Production line speed:
6 – 60 m/min (20 – 200 ft/min)
Power requirements:
Ambient temperature:
40 ° F to 120 ° F (4 ° C to 49 ° C)
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Detailed parameters

Videojet Unicorn large character inkjet
system composition
Print controller, print head, general power supply, power cord
Mounting bracket, commissioning ink and solvent
software function
Customize time and date formats
Date conversion time
Auto Print Expiration Date
Automatic shift setting (4 shifts at most)
Print delay adjustment can be set
Adjustable character width
Automatic counting
Editing interface
Marsh Unicorn supports Western language input
UnicorII Pinyin input method supports 6762 Chinese characters in GB2312 standard; What you see is what you get in the information editing interface.
Supported languages
Marsh Unicorn English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. There are also multiple language options: Chinese, Hebrew
UnicorII English, Simplified Chinese
Printing height
Marsh Unicorn standard word height is 10mm, and optional word height is 7mm; 15mm; 20mm
UnicorII standard word height 20mm
Marsh Unicorn Western 7 × 5 dot matrix, which can print 54 ASCII characters and bold characters
UnicorII 7 × 5 dot matrix in Western, which can print 52 ASCII characters, and 15 × 156763 GB2312 characters in Chinese
Printing speed
6 m/min to 60 m/min
Jet printing information
Marsh Unicorn 1 line in Spanish, 40 characters at most
UnicorII 2 lines of English, one line of Chinese, machine mixed, each line up to 40 Chinese characters

Number of information stores
Marsh Unicorn Up to 52 Western or Digital Messages
UnicorII up to 40 Chinese messages
working temperature
40 ° F to 120 ° F (4 ° C to 49 ° C)
Electrical Requirements
Rated power supply at 50/60 Hz 100-120/200-240 VAC at 120 W
UnicorII integrated sensor, which can be connected externally
Ink system
Internal self pressure regulating ink system, no need to adjust after delivery
230ml ink bottle
Large bottle ADS ink system optional