Willett 830 laser code printer

Product features:
10 Watt, CO2 laser
Production line speed:
Maximum linear speed 1 m/s (60 m/min)
Power requirements:
Nominal power 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90 W
Ambient temperature:
Ambient temperature up to 45 ° C, humidity range 10 - 90%, non condensing
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Detailed parameters

Willett 830 laser code printer
Linear velocity
Maximum 1 m/s (60 m/min)
Marking format
Standard font (Simplified Chinese, Eastern Europe/Western Europe)
Optional font
Bengali, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew
Machine readable coding
QR code, barcode trademark or symbol (based on pixel and vector)
Graphic element
Ellipse, rectangle, polygon, polyline
Serial number, body, date, time, shift code
Sealed CO2 laser, power class 10 watts
Laser class 4 (according to European standard 60825-1)
Central emission wavelength: 10.6 Mm
It is a separate solution when using any bracket available
user interface
touch device
Configure Language
English (American English and British English), Simplified Chinese
Touch software
Encoder and product detector inputs, digital inputs/outputs such as start, close, linkage, shutter lock, ready and shutter close
Power Supply
Power demand
ambient temperature
5。 To 4ITC (maximum 45 ° C when the working cycle is reduced)
Humidity range
10 – 90%, non condensing
About weight
7 kg