Videojet 1210 small character inkjet

Product features:
Low price, simple function, suitable for enterprises with non high-speed requirements
Production line speed:
Linear speed up to 162.5m/min
Power requirements:
Ambient temperature:
5-45℃; Relative humidity: 0-90%, no condensation
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Detailed parameters

Videojet 1210 small character inkjet
Linear velocity
Up to 3 lines of inkjet code; Single travel speed up to 162.5m/min (533 feet/minute)
Optional lattice
Single line: 5× 5/5× 7/7× 9/11× 16/17× 24;
Double row: 5× 5/5× 7/7× 9; Three lines: 5× 5/5× seven
character height
It can be selected from 2mm to 8.5mm according to the font dot matrix
Jet printing distance
The optimal spray printing distance is 12mm; Range: 5mm-15mm
Standard computer keyboard, including 72 number keys, letter keys and special function keys
320× 240 bright blue backlight 5.7” LCD; WYSIWYG screen displays editing information
Customer logo/pattern
User logo/pattern can be edited directly on the computer in the inkjet printer or VJ special software
Character settings
Chinese, Japanese/Kanji, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish/Scandinavian, Greek, Eastern European and European/American
Language and interface options
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
Machine dimensions
541mm high; 345mm long; 285mm wide
Protection grade
Heating nozzle, diameter 41.3mm, length 240.5mm
High flexibility length: 2m, diameter: 23mm, bending radius: 76.2mm
Ink Smart Cartridge
750ml, intelligent solvent box: 750ml
Temperature/humidity range
5-45℃; Relative humidity: 0-90%, no condensation
Electrical Requirements
Optional configuration
Positive pressure air pump, air drying component, used in high humidity environment (requiring air source), product detection, fault relay, RS485 expansion board, RS232 axis encoder, alarm light expansion board, 3m nozzle throat