Videojet 2120 large character inkjet

Product features:
Moderate price, keto DOD, complete functions, suitable for film attached products
Production line speed:
Linear speed up to 126m/min
Power requirements:
Ambient temperature:
5-45℃; Relative humidity: 0-90%, no condensation
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Detailed parameters

Videojet 2120 large character inkjet
system composition
User interface and controller
External power supply and bracket
Nozzle data line
Ink system and liquid level monitoring 1L
Liquid level detection line
Bracket kit
Product sensor
Built in software functions
Internal or remote date and time
Real time clock
Remote download via RS232 or TCP/IP communication
Printing delay
Printing direction
Jet printing format
Upper and lower case letters
Multi stroke character
Bold characters
White space character
Long character and segment character
Printing direction: reverse, reverse or simultaneously
Power requirements
Power voltage: 100~240VAC
Frequency: 47~63HZ
Input current: 1.07A maximum
Safety protection: Level I